Torunn Ovanger



Oslo University, Bachelor

The Florence Academy of Art

Proffesional affiliations

Norwegian Association for Visual Artisist NBK

North Norwegian Art Center for Visual Art NNBK

Jured exhibitions

1993 Tromsutstillinga, Tromsø Kunstforening ( Tromsø Public Art Gallery)

1995 Tromsutstillinga, Tromsø Kunstforening

1996 Nordisk Akvarellsalong, Kristiansand Kunstforening

1998 Tromsutstillinga, Tromsø Kunstforening

2000 Winsor&Newton International Millennium Competition,

2003 World Trade Center, Stockholm

2004 Tromsutstillinga, Tromsø Kunstforening

2005 Tromsutstillinga, Tromsø Kunstforening

2009 Tromsutstillinga, Tromsø Kunstforening

2012 Nordisk Akvarellselskap, Jubileumsutstilling

2012 Nordnorske kunstnere, Kiruna Konstgille

2014 Nordisk Akvarellselskap NAS internet exhibition

2016 Aquabiennale, The VII International Exhibition of Watercolour   

        Petrozavodsk, Russland

Group- and separate exhibitions

1999 Galleri Embla, Tromsø

2000 Tromso Kunstforening, Mørketidsutstillingen

2001 Krane Galleri, Tromsø

2002 Tromso Kunstforening, Mørketidsutstillingen

2005 Northern Lights Music Festival, Krane Galleri, Tromsø

2009 Krane Galleri

2012 Festival internazionale dell'Aquerello, Genova

2014 Tromso Open

2014 Grunnlovjubileumsutstilling NNKS

2014 International Watercolour Biennal, Mexico

2016 Tromso Open


Public collections / purchases

Tromsø public art society

Northern Norway regional hospital

Local administration

Regional administration

LKAB Kiruna, Sweden

Public commissions

University Hospital of North of Norway